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  • Small Claims Court: An Overview

      Let’s say that you have a dispute with your landlord. You were asked to pay a security deposit on your apartment and now that you’re moving out, your landlord refuses to return your money. Your landlord claims that he’s keeping the money to offset repairs that need to be made. The se... Read more

  • Understanding Food Libel

    Maybe you’re familiar with the concept of libel, that is, the notion that a person cannot write or publish false and disparaging information about you. That fundamental concept has different nuances and applications, including food libel. In a food libel case, someone publishes disparaging informa... Read more

  • Defamation: What You Need to Know

    With the rise of social media, there is no longer a traditional "reasonable expectation of privacy" in publicly available information. The average social media user must always assume that what they say is "on the record." The risk of defamatory content reaching millions has increased immensely, and... Read more

  • Bratz Case Raises Concerns of Jury Bias

    When you're in the hands of other people, how good can you expect them to be? It sounds like an abstract question, but it became a reality after the latest twist in the bitter battle between Mattel, which makes the iconic Barbie doll, and rival MGA, which makes the popular Bratz doll. Mattel and ... Read more


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