Injury and Tort Law



  • Tort Law Overview – Links to recent federal and state decisions, as well as other resources.
  • Theories of Tort Law – Article from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
  • Class Action Litigation – Comprehensive source of news, legal and government resources, medical information, and more pertaining to class action lawsuits.

Accidents and injuries

Medical information


  • Law Digest – Summarizes of insurance law cases, written by leading law firms. Organized by state and Canadian province.
  • State Insurance Departments – Links to web site of each state’s insurance department.
  • International Risk Management Institute – Comprehensive insurance and risk management site. Links to glossary, expert commentaries, topical libraries (e.g., construction, risk finance, workers comp), and more.

Expert witnesses

  • JurisPro – Free directory of expert witnesses. Search by name or browse topic or state listing.
  • – Another expert witness directory. Also features articles on various litigation topics.

Products liability

  • Consumer Law Page – Links to hundreds of articles and web resources (e.g., medical, legal, environment, defective products).
  • MSDSSearch – Features include product safety information, government information, online dictionary, breaking news, and chemical incidents.
  • UCC Article 2 – Links to text of UCC Article 2 as adopted by all 50 states.
  • – Database of product recalls, maintained by the federal government.


Associations & agencies

Journals, news & articles

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